So you are planning a weekend in Belgrade? Whether you’re making a trip around the Balkans or you wanted a quick city break vacation at the end of your week, we are glad you chose Belgrade, and we are here to help you have fun and explore!

This is a thorough guide trough what you can see in two days time, so it may seem a bit cluttered, but we want you to see as much as possible! It includes places where you can drink coffee and have lunch, but if you find some places that seem nicer than our suggestions, we won’t mind.

Weekends in Belgrade are great for tourists. Everything is open, most of the museums work like it’s a weekday, and the nights are on fire! Of course, you won’t be able to see everything, but it’s quite enough for you to fall in love with Belgrade. That means many more weekends in Belgrade! 🙂

A Weekend in Belgrade: Day One

Start point: Republic Square. You are at the center of the center, well connected and ready to explore. Above you is a statue of Knez Mihailo, riding a horse, pointing to the parts of 19th centry Serbia that still haven’t been liberated from the Ottoman Empire. This is a common meeting point for the locals. Next to you, Knez Mihailova street, the main pedestrian zone connecting Terazije and Kalemegdan.

Weekend in Belgrade - Kalemegdan

Next Stop: Kalemegdan. Also known as Belgrade Fortress, this large park is one of the parts of the city Belgraders are most proud of. It has incredible history to tell, from the Romans, trough the Ottomans and the Austrians, now it is a beautiful space to walk and be romantic. The view over the Sava&Danube confluence is magnificent, and this is probably the best place for watching the sunset in the whole city.

Next Stop: KosanÄŤićev venac. We call it Belgrade Montmartre, partly because of the view over Belgrade and mostly because of the wonderful paved streets that resemble the spirit of the 19th century in Belgrade. Here you will see the first kafana in Belgrade, called “?”, the Cathedral Church, Kralja Petra Street, but walking down the neighborhood will feel good enough. Read more about KosanÄŤićev venac in our blog post.

Next Stop: Moritz Eis. Let’s have a quick break, eat this home made ice cream and have a really good quality coffee. This hipster place is where we like to stop by and enjoy the deliciousness of ice cream flavours. Have couple of cups, we have a nice, long walk ahead of us.

Weekend in Belgrade - Terazije

Walk: Terazije – Kralja Milana – Slavija. Terazije is basically like an extended main city square. We already wrote about it so make sure you read our text and learn more. Kralja Milana is one of the most beautiful streets in Belgrade. It connects city centre with Slavija square, intersects Kneza Miloša and Resavska streets, both very beautiful and important for Belgraders; the street itself is long and wide, with many beautiful buildings. This is where Paja Jovanović Museum is located.

Weekend in Belgrade - St Sava's Temple

Next Stop: St Sava’s Temple. This is an enormous and marvellous building located in VraÄŤar neighbourhood. With height of 72 meters, it is visible from almost any point of the city. Construction of the Temple, which is the one of the largest churches in the world, started in 1935, and is yet to be finished with thousands of square meters of frescos and mosaics. There is also a smaller temple, also dedicated to St Sava, which is completely painted inside and in which services are also being held. The plateau in front of the Temple is a place where, when the weather is nice, hundreds of families come to play and enjoy.

Next Stop: Kalenić restaurant. It’s been a long walk folks, we know it, that’s why we have a special place for y’all. Kalenić greenmarket is a very picturesque place that shows the true spirit of Belgrade Sunday mornings.  Next to it is a restaurant that serves Serbian food, and a good one. Have a break, eat ćevapi and drink a beer.

Weekend in Belgrade - Nikola Tesla Museum

Last Stop: Nikola Tesla Museum. No need to explain why Nikola Tesla is so important to every single person on the planet.  This museum is different from the rest, and we’re sure you will have fun visiting it, as you can take part in experiments, such as touching the electricity. How cool is that? 🙂 Make sure you read our text about the museum.

Take a walk, explore the city yourself and don’t miss what Belgrade nightlife has to offer.

A Weekend in Belgrade: Day Two

Weekend in Belgrade - Ethnographic Museum

Start point: Ethnographic Museum. This is a huge place full of Serbian history and tradition. From national costumes to how villages used to look like, what tools people used and how they lived, presented in a modern, fun way, it is definitely a perfect place for you to learn about the country you’re visiting. Make sure you read our text on the Museum.

Weekend in Belgrade - Dorćol

Next Stop: Studentski park and Dorćol. Studentski park is (obviously) named after many faculties that surround it. You are now in Dorćol, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Belgrade, with many old buildings, cafes, restaurants and hidden streets.

Next Stop:  Coffee in Bajloni and walk trough Skadarlija. This cute little place is just under Skadarlija, one of the favorite tourist attractions in Belgrade. If you’re hungry, they serve delicious food to, so don’t hesitate to try something. After your coffee and/or lunch, take Skadarska street and enjoy the bohemian spirit that lies within.

Next Stop: Historical Museum. This place always has interesting exhibitions that inspire and motivate you. Last one was about Mihajlo Pupin, or the interactive one about the World War I, helping you understand your own history too.

Weekend in Belgrade - National Assembly

Next Stop: Pionirski Park and the National Assembly. Next to these is the Central Post Office, which we guess is one of the most beautiful post offices in Europe. Pionirski park is a nice place to chill, with a nice view over the National Assembly and the City Hall.

Next Stop: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra and Tašmajdan. The boulevard is one of the essential roads of Belgrade, the famous “Krug dvojke”, meaning the circle route the number 2 tram makes in the city centre. This is where the beautiful Tašmajdan park is located, together with the Faculty of Law and the Technical Faculties, with the statue of Nikola Tesla and Vuk KaradĹľić looking at students and being their guards.

Weekend in Belgrade - Orašac

Last Stop: Orašac restaurant. Another traditional food place, because if you only have two days in Belgrade, make sure you try as many food specialities as possible.

We hope you have a wonderful stay in Belgrade! 🙂