weather in belgrade

Belgrade has a continental climate with very hot summers and cold winters. That’s what the definition says. We can tell that the weather in Belgrade has drastically changed during last five to ten years. The good thing is that you can come to Belgrade during winter and unexpectedly enjoy beautiful, sunny days.

Spring Weather in Belgrade

Oh, spring in Belgrade. Songs have been written about April in Belgrade, about the scent of linden trees and sunny days. Trees turn green, blossoms bloom and the nature is fresh. Unfortunately, true spring and its mild temperatures last only for several weeks. Soon, temperatures rise and it gets too hot to be called spring. That’s why you should use these weeks in March and April to enjoy the true spring.

Temperature: 15-25°C

Sunlight hours: 6-9

Summer Weather in Belgrade

Summer weather is varying from mildly hot (25-30°C) to very, very hot (30-40°C). For example, 2014 was not so warm, and it was partially rainy, cloudy and it didn’t feel like summer. On the other hand, 2015 Summer was a constant 35°C+. In our opinion, summer should be hot hot hot, or we can’t call it summer.

Temperature: 25-40°C

Sunlight hours: 9-10

Autumn Weather in Belgrade

Rain, clouds, grayness, depression. Other than couple of weeks when the leaves start falling and make the street orange, and when you can catch those impressive sunsets from Belgrade Fortress, autumn is not so attractive if you don’t like rain. Temperatures are usually great, around 20°C which is perfect if you don’t get caught by the rain.

Temperature: 10-25°C

Sunlight hours: 3-10

Winter Weather in Belgrade

For the last couple of years we haven’t seen much of extreme winter conditions and snow in Belgrade. Usually it’s three or four times that snow will fall and cover the ground. It melts pretty quickly. Wind called Košava can be pretty sharp and if coming to Belgrade during winter time, make sure you bring a warm jacket. It happens that some days temperatures go wildly high, to even 20°C during winter months, so be prepared if you suffer from meteropathy.

Temperature: -5-15°C

Sunlight hours: 2-3