You’re a vegan in Belgrade? Or you fast in order to comply with the rules of the Orthodox calendar? Having specific eating habits in Belgrade can make you hungry. Worldwide trends of going vegan are luckily starting to see its ways in Belgrade, and we have made a selection of places that have vegan options.

Most of the traditional Serbian restaurants will have an option without meat and dairy products – but this would mean only french fries and grilled vegetables. The options we picked have real vegan dishes. Enjoy!

Falafel Places


No need to explain this one. We all love falafel and everything that goes with it. Hummus, tahini and all those perfectly matching salads.

  • Hummus Market – Beogradska 66

They offer falafel in two sizes – with two or five balls. They also serve amazing sandwich with french fries, hummus, tahini and all salads that go to falafel sandwich. You could also choose meal salad in bowl – very healthy and nutritious!

  • Shawarma Bar – Svetozara Markovića 37

They make thin tortllas with flafel patties. You should go with their spicy, hot sauce, it does burn your mouth but it’s delicious!

  • Lebanese restaurant Hanan – Svetogorska 2

Lebanese pita bread with olive oil and all those oriental spices, dipping sauces, fatoush salad with pomegranate, and of course chickpeas in all ways.

  • Lebanese fast food Shawarma – Njegoševa 31 and Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 166a

This fast food restaurant is held by the guys from Hanan, so the experience is as satisfying.

Chinese Restaurants


Various delicious options, fried vegetables with soy sauce, tofu, rice, noodles. Bellow are addresses of some objects we enjoy visiting.

  • Asia Food – Kralja Milana 6 (near Terazije)
  • Dva Štapića – Kneza Miloša 15 (near Pionirski Park)
  • Luda Kuća – Republic Square (in Staklenac); Bulevar Zorana Đinđica 44a (New Belgrade); or Vlajkovićeva 23 (Dorćol)
  • Soya – Bulevar oslobođenja 18a (Autokomanda); Pariske komune 15a (New Belgrade); Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 116-118 (Vukov Spomenik); Dobrinovićeva 1a (Banovo Brdo)

Japanese restaurant Marukoshi


First Japanese restaurant in Belgrade offers amazing vegan dishes like tempura vegetables, gyoza, cucumber salad, tempura, veggie ramen with tofu, potato korokke and more. They offer all their deserts in vegan version too! Visit them in Kapetan Mišina 37.

Čorba House


This restaurant is located in New Belgrade, and the name says it all – it’s a place for soups only. These soups are not only for appetizers, but will make you full. They change menu daily, but some of the dishes that caught our eye are spicy cream soup with coconut milk, green lentil soup, red lentil and chard soup… They are located in Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10i.

Agi Pasta

Agi Pasta

Our favorite take-away pasta place in whole Belgrade always offers great vegan options – just let them know you don’t want any cheese in it. Read more about them in our Agi Pasta text, and visit them in Ilije Garašanina 33 and Zorana Đinđića 71.

Radost Fina Kuhinjica


The only vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Belgrade. So anything you go for here can be win-win option, because chefs here really love their job and put a lot of love in their work. The address is Pariska 3.

Juice/Salad Bar

salad bar

Some see juices, smoothies and fresh salads as a snacks, some do it for breakfast or dinner, as energy boosting food or healthy bombs. However you see it, we believe you should include it in your daily menu. Here are some of the good smoothie addresses.

  • Elixir – Strahinića Bana 52 (Dorćol)
  • Oliva – Omladinskih brigada 86 (New Belgrade)
  • Zdravo Živo – Jurija Gagarina 14/lj (New Belgrade)
  • Fresh & Green – Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 115 (New Belgrade)
  • Super Donkey – Krunska 26
  • Tegla Bar – Kalenić (Vračar)
  • Voćkica – Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 189

Mexican Food


Vegan burritos, nachos with tomato salsa, guacamole… Mexican food can be very much vegan! These are some of the best Mexican restaurants and bars in Belgrade.

  • Burrito Madre – Terazije 27 or Karađorđeva 66 (next to main bus station)
  • Zapata – Vojvode Bogdana 13 (Vračar), Vuka Karađića 14 (Center), Kej Oslobođenja (New Belgrade)
  • Burrito Bar – Starine Novaka (below Poštanska Štedionica)