This is our Belgrade pizza-list, based on personal experience, our friend’s recommendations and what the social media said. The key point of the list is that you won’t regret going to any of this places – you can use it as a to-do list for Saturday nights, and come up with your own top five pizza places in Belgrade.

The list is sorted in no particular order – we love them all the same! Enjoy!

Pomodoro – Hilandarska 32

Looking from the outside, this place is not a killer. It stands on the street, in a really quiet part of Hilandarska (which is a beautiful street, just to mention). But once you open the menu, you realize that you’ve made the right decision coming here.

We wrote a post about Pomodoro too, so make sure you read it.

Trattori Campania – Kneza Sime Markovića 10

As the name says, this place will do its best to bring closer the spirit of Campania, Italy. Their biggest trump cards are wood stove and true Italian mozzarella, combined with the fact they are located in the city center, at Kosančićev venac, make it a perfect dinner pick.

Piazza Dei Fiori – Cvetni trg, Njegoševa 9

This Italian restaurant has both a petite restaurant and a large garden during all times of the year. Their menu is a classic combo of Serbian favorite Italian pizzas (Capriciossa, Margarita, Pepperoni and Vegetariana), with no more than a dozen types of pizza. But it seems like their motto is “we like it simple but good”. Enjoy them with a glass of home made wine.

Pizza Bar – Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 165v

The only restaurant on our list located in Novi Beograd. People go crazy over their pizza dough (you can choose between the regular and Chicago dough), the cosiness and the service. No other pizza place in Belgrade has tomato sauce like theirs! Be aware, the prices are a bit higher than the others.

Campo di Fiori – Skadarska 11

In the center of the best-known bohemian street in Belgrade, Campo di Fiori offers a true Italian atmosphere and an authentic menu. Prices seem to be really good, having in mind the location. The staff is friendly and quick.

Brodić – Sajamski kej bb

This barge offers a completely different experience. Very laid-back, summerish and cozy design, since it’s in the open and the sittings are just benches and tables. Pick a Serbian pizza, a German beer (as they have really good beer offer) and enjoy the view over the Ada Bridge. Be aware, sometimes the service is as relaxed as the atmosphere – you can wait for your pizza for more than half an hour.

Piano Loco – Vojvode Stepe 203

A bit out of the city, in the municipality of Voždovac – but definitely worth visiting! They proudly highlight the fact that pizza is baked on chamotte. Don’t forget to have it with the Bavarian beer!

Pizza Fabrika – Požarevačka 13

These guys bake their pizza on wood and with the most interesting combination of flavors. They say that their pizza is made for those who know how to appreciate a high-quality pizza! They’re not sparing on mozzarella, Gorgonzola and Mascarpone!

Pizza Botako – Nevesinjska 6, Šantićeva 8

This is a pizzeria with a long tradition – more than 10 years of amazing pizza in Belgrade. A classic menu brought to perfection. They have a beautiful summer garden, but during the winter, when the garden is closed, it can get a bit crowded, so make sure you call for reservation.

Korpizza – Dragoslava Jovanovića 11

This is something different and something new in Belgrade – pizza in a shape of a cornet! That’s what the name came from – cor+pizza 🙂 It’s amazing if you want to try something different and on the go.