Terazije square is probably in the top 5 places you should visit when in Belgrade.  The square, lying in the center of the city, holds the main spot in creation of what should be perceived as the heart and soul of Belgrade.

“Terazije” is a Turkish word meaning literally “scales”, but in this case the name is probably more related to the word “reservoir”, according to the fact that here existed a Roman aqueduct that was used for lifting and distributing water further into the city.



1.The first thing a visiting tourist will probably see is the famous Terazije fountain. Before this beautiful fountain was built as a symbol of Prince Miloš’s return to the Serbian throne in 1860, this place had had a very practical everyday use. It was always crowded due to the fact that citizens attained water tanks and supplied themselves with water for their homes.

The fountain has been reconstructed recently and the old glow has been returned to this Belgrade symbol. Today, “Terazijska česma” happens to be a place you meet up with your friends.

Fun fact: Terazije fountain is a default whereabouts for everybody collecting football stickers. Guys (and galls) come here to exchange their stickers and therefore fill their World Cup album more quickly.



2. “Moskva” (Moscow) hotel is also one of the symbols of Belgrade, as it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

If you are a visitor in Belgrade whose pockets are a bit deeper than usual (perhaps indeed coming from Moscow – our Russian brothers and sisters are always welcome), don’t miss the opportunity to book your accommodation here, as this hotel is a mix of classic Belgrade look and modernism rushing to take its part regarding the looks of Belgrade monuments, just as the city of Belgrade itself is a mixture of these two movements. Anyhow, you can at least try a cake at the hotel. Delights here are worth every dinar.


3. Up on the 8th floor of a building in Terazije 23, in a modern restaurant named Caruso, you can have a nice meal or drink and also enjoy a view from above – from this place you can see not just Terazije, but also river Sava and its bridges, from the astonishing, and sometimes (and for someone) frightening, bird perspective.

Fun fact: Serbian Privatization agency is also located in this building. As several hundreds of publicly owned companies in Serbia are being sold in the privatization proceedings, you can stop by and pay attention – maybe some textile or furniture factory, looking for a buyer, is a perfect opportunity for a business adventure.

4. Three very important streets start at Terazije: Knez Mihailova, the main pedestrian street of the city; Kralja Milana, one of the most beautiful streets, connecting two important squares, Terazije and Slavija; and Balkanska street, paved with cobblestones, one of the rare Belgrade streets that still has couple of old-fashioned stores like hatter, shoemaker and candlemaker stores.

5. Terazije Theatre, a Serbian Broadway – here you can watch our own versions of Chicago, Mamma Mia, Some Like it Hot and other musicals.



Parties at Casina, snacks at Burrito Bar or McDonalds, coffee at one of the several coffee places, review of historical monuments, shopping of books, clothes, mobile phones or religious artifacts – all this, and much more you can find at Terazije.  We’re sure that you won’t skip the mandatory visit of our Terazije square. Welcome!