Sounds like a pretty simple task, but we can all confirm, whether a local or a tourist, it’s hard to figure out a place where you can go for a relaxed cup of coffee. Usually you end up sitting in the closest place that’s neither comfortable or serves quality coffee.

Here’s a list that can be used as a reminder in these situations.



Amelie… Lemons on each table, little bouquets, baskets with apples and aubergines, granny’s cakes with cherries… So authentic and chic!

Address: Topličin Venac 4

Supernatural bar

Feeling low? They’ll make you feel energized! Freshly made juices + coffee, yes please!

Address: Gospodar Jevremova 23


Only for coffee addicts and real connoisseurs. Choose between different coffee blends and professionally made coffee drinks, or you can even buy some of it for your home.

Address: Cara Lazara 13


If you wish your coffee to turn into an all-night-party, go to Polet. This hipster place has amazing events each night of the week.

Address: Cetinjska 15

Bajloni Bar


Bajloni a very special bar to us since it is a first ever place we reviewed. 🙂 They have a lovely beer garden and they serve fresh drinks and ice cream that can go along with the coffee at any time of the day. Summer nights you can hear live spanish guitar playing. Lovely!

Address: Cetinjska 15


Definitely one of the most beautiful beer gardens in Belgrade, making you think of the sounds of the sea, summer breeze, cocktails and chill.

Address: Dositejeva 26


A place adored by those who like seeing something a bit crazy, and a bit out of this world. So many details, so many charming tables that you don’t expect should look that colorful and fun!

Address: Knjeginje Ljubice 18


Refreshing, white, minimal, full of flowers and fresh juice elixirs. If you trust our choice, you’d go here on your summer nights and laugh with your friends to how life is beautiful.

Address: Kralja Milana 2



In the center of the beautiful Kosančićev Venac, very romantic and out of this world, a place you want to go after a tough day at work. Hidden from the real world, just like it should be.

Address: Kosančićev Venac 20

Užitak Coffee Place


Užitak has these red and white tablecloths remind us of old Serbian kafanas, and white, black and yellow logo really scream the modern and cool touch of the interior.

Address: Hilandarska 4