Taxi service in Belgrade might be the first thing to get you burned you when arriving from the airport, railway station or bus station. This guide will give you all the information you need, in order to not be tricked by the taxi drivers who might take advantage of tourists in Belgrade.

So what are the things that can go wrong when using a taxi service in Belgrade?

  • The taxi driver might turn off the taximeter and charge “by heart”. This can cost up to 10 times more than the real price.
  • Taxi drivers might take a longer way to your destination, which would lead to a higher bill. Assuming you have no idea about distances in the city, they’ll go around town for a drive that can take a few minutes.
  • The vehicle might have the taxi sign on top of the car, but it doesn’t mean they’re registered as a taxi operator and part of an association. This leaves you unprotected and they can charge whatever they want, even when using taximeter.

Uh, that’s scary. But don’t worry. There are still options – a lot of professional, fair and friendly taxi services are around town. Here’s a list of things you need to keep in mind and some of the tips on what you can do.

Taxi Service in Belgrade Dos


  • Always check if the car has a “TX” at the end of the license plates. For example, a registered taxi driver’s license plate will look something like this: BG-11111-TX or BG-22222-TX. It means their car is registered as a taxi vehicle. NOTE: This doesn’t mean the driver is part of the association. Please follow the further points in order to get the whole picture.
  • Make sure the vehicle has a “Taxi” on top of the car. This should be a sign that looks like an association, not just a black-and-white Taxi sign. Some of the good taxi associations are these, with phone numbers you can order a car with, in brackets:
  • Make sure the Taxi sign has a three or four digit number in the corner. It is the taxi association registration number. It looks like the pic below:


  • It’s better to call some of the well-known taxi services than to catch a completely random one on a street. Sometimes you can’t call of course, and that’s when you should follow the previous advice.

Taxi Service in Belgrade Don’ts


  • Do not enter vehicles that don’t have the Taxi sign on top that looks like they are a part of an association. If it just says “Taxi”, without something like Pink Taxi, Yellow Taxi, Beogradski Taxi, and a five-digit phone number on it – they’re “wild taxis”. Their main goal is to rip you off. They rip off locals who enter by accident.
  • Don’t allow them to drive if the taximeter is not on. It means they will charge you whatever they want at the end of the ride. Ask them politely if they can turn it on.
  • If traveling anywhere inside the city center, the price of one ride shouldn’t be more than approximately 1000 dinars. We’ve heard of situations where taxi drivers asked for 10 times that – something like 10000 or 15000 dinars. That might be the price of a trip to Budapest from Belgrade, but most definitely not anywhere in the city center. Ask politely if they mixed hundreds and thousands.
  • A ride from the airport is a bit more expensive, obviously. But in this case, it shouldn’t be more than 2000-3000 dinars. If they say it’s more, they’re trying to trick you. Once again, mention you know what the price of the ride should be (approximately), and ask politely if they might have made a mistake. Ask them to elaborate on why the price is so high.

Alternative ways of ordering a ride in Belgrade

We wrote about taxi apps in Belgrade and alternative ways of getting a ride in Belgrade. Some of the taxi companies have their own apps and there’s a Serbian Uber alternative called CarGo. Read about taxi apps in Belgrade or learn more about CarGo!

Here’s our music of choice for your for riding through Belgrade: Anderson Paak – Oxnard