Taxi applications in Belgrade are not widely used by locals. We still like the good old pick up the phone and make sure we hear the person confirm the vehicle number on the other side of the line. Anyhow, this is changing and we do have a few options now for those who like to order a car through an application, follow the location of the car and be sure they get an estimate of the costs.

Before getting a ride, make sure you read our article about using taxi service in Belgrade. It might save you time, money and nerves!

Get an app directly from a taxi company

You’ll be sure you get a vehicle from a company that’s registered and a driver that won’t trick you into paying 10x more. You might need to register in order to get a ride. These apps don’t necessarily require your credit card number. You can pay in cash when the ride is finished. Although, if you want to pay by card, you might need to tick that option that when ordering.

One of the taxi apps we previously used and were satisfied with is Naxis taxi (available on Google Play and App Store). This is by all means not sponsored. We just had a really good experience with them anytime we used them, and the cars they have are pretty decent.

Another taxi service that has an app is Beogradski taxi, and you can see both Google Play and App Store links on their website.

Yandex Taxi App

Russia’s biggest internet service website Yandex started promoting their taxi app in Belgrade in summer 2018. Some of the taxi companies in Belgrade moved their services completely to it, such as Beogradski Poslovni Taxi.

They guarantee that the app determines the route the driver will take. This means they cannot take the long way around town if there’s a shorter and a more convenient route. The app doesn’t require you to pay by card.

Download this app on Google Play or App Store.


This is a taxi app that connects taxi drivers and allows them to accept the ride requests through this app. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the driver will act fairly. According to some of the reviews on their app page (not necessarily in Belgrade – they operate around the world), drivers can find their way around and charge more, or cancel the ride in the last moment.

Nevertheless, you can try it out yourself by downloading it from Google Play or App Store.


CarGo is not a taxi service – it is an alternative to Uber here in Belgrade. It is at least 30% cheaper than the taxi services. It has all the features Uber has – getting an estimate of the expense, following your ride to the pickup location, and seeing the ratings and car type of your driver.

This is our app of choice these days as it does save you some money and we always had a wonderful experience using their application.

You can get the app on CarGo website directly.