Super Donkey Juice and Salad Bar is located at Krunska 26, five minutes from the Faculty of Law and 10 minutes from Terazije. It is a newly opened place which tries to position itself in the (luckily) growing industry of health products and organic food. We wish them the best of luck.

Super Donkey is neither a typical store, nor a coffeehouse. Actually, it is something between the two, which is maybe why we like it. There are several chairs where you can sit and enjoy your juice or snack, but that’s not the point. The point is that you can, at reasonable prices, obtain healthy products made from fresh, healthy (often organic) fruits, vegetables and nuts.

They offer juices made from many different combinations, with orange, banana, beet being just some of the ingredients. Also, they have blended juices with an interesting name of “Smoothie-Me” – an English – Serbian pun – which are indeed delicious and we suggest you try them! They also make meals out of many different components (ingredients themselves are also available for purchase). Nuts, alternative milk (made from almond, soya, coconut), cocoa sugar are just some of the products for sale at Super Donkey.

When in Vračar neighborhood, don’t miss paying a visit to Super Donkey, we’re sure you’ll love their stuff!