Walking down the beautiful Dorćol, we noticed a couple of wooden café tables on the pavement, while walking Kneginje Ljubice Street towards Cara Dušana. It seemed like a nice place to drink coffee at – even though it’s almost on the street, there is no drastic amount of traffic, and you get to se Dorćol fashionable ladies passing by.

ŠŠ bar has amazing coffee, limunana and honey-ginger-lemon shots (cures the consequences of the shots you had last night), and you get a large bottle of mint-water on each table for free. If you end up being there in the evening, they have the lanterns like those you see in Spanish movies, when they organize a late night village party.

This bar is the coziest place for the winter days, because they have a nice basement bar too. On the walls you’ll see beautiful paintings which you can buy – maybe one of them will decorate your home 🙂

ŠŠ bar is open until midnight, so you can head there before the night out, and all of the Dorćol clubs will be very close.