If we tell you that Skica is located on Kosančićev Venac, you’ll already be able to feel the atmosphere around this cafe. Paved streets, old and vintage buildings, colours of the past and calmness at just couple of streets length out of the city center. Oh, and the view is amazing, just above the Sava river, next to Kalemegdan on the right, and Belgrade bridges on the left.

You’ll get to hear the buzz of the traffic from the bridges, but you are safely out of all the stress fast-paced city life brings. Put on your sunglasses, lift your legs up and relax!

Skica doesn’t really offer much of the house specialties. You can have coffee, lemonade, a glass of wine. Skica is also not much of a place when the garden is closed, due to really small interior of the cafe, so we recommend you wait for the weather to be pretty before visiting it.