Anyone who ever tried second hand shopping, remained loyal for the rest of their lives. The reason is simple: variety of well-preserved clothes on bargain prices. You can find fancy label stuff, you may like a piece from a brand you’ve never heard of, and there is always that surprise factor – you never know what you’ll end up finding.

Second hand shops in Belgrade can be found all over the city, and here is our guide to the favorite SH shops.

Textile House

They have an interesting sales model: when a new collection arrives to the stores, the pieces of clothes you can find are obviously the best, but the prices are a bit higher. At one point, about 10 days before the new collection date, they start with discounts: 20% or 30%. After that, they set a fix price for every single thing in the store; they start with 450 RSD, each day lowering the price for 50 dinars, which leaves us with 100 RSD on the last day of the sales. New collections arrive to the stores on every 20-30 days.

It happens that they just decide to give 20% off on everything during a happy hour (the lady in the store just says “Hey guys, everything is 20% off for next hour!”)

Textile House is on various addresses in Belgrade:

1. Nušićeva 14

2. Cara Nikolaja ll 41

3. Golsvordijeva 1

4. Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 211

5. Glavna 10, Zemun


Finding a perfect piece of clothes in these takes a bit more effort than in Textile House, but it definitely is worth a try, especially if you visit it when it’s clothes arrival day. They randomly offer 20%, 30% or 50% percent on everything for a day, or have special offers, like “All pants 250 RSD.”

The locations are:

1. Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 139

2. Balkanska 3

3. Brankova 7

Second Hand Butik Zemun

If in Zemun, try these locations for cheap and good quality stuff. They offer 10% discount on everything each Sunday.

1. Prvomajska 8s

2. Bežanijska 1

Flea Markets

This is an option for hard core second-handers only, mostly because you don’t really know where these clothes came from (the registered second hand shops have to have certificates that show clothes origin and that it was dry cleaned). Most famous flea market is in New Belgrade, just one stop before Delta City shopping center. The famous one is in Zemun (Address is Bački Ilovik). Other than these “specialized” places for second hand stuff selling, you can find couple of stands with clothes on Kalenić or Đeram markets.