Šapat winery is a combination of beautiful nature, delicious food and wine, and pleasure. It’s a dose of relaxation and indulging you need after a long working week. It will take you only one hour to get there, and it makes it an ideal option for a weekend getaway.

Šapat is a winery, wine cellar, and a restaurant. It is located in the middle of a vineyard, and as the owners say, it has a perfect elevation, “wind rose” and sun exposure for a very successful wine production. In order to have the best experience, you should be able to sit outside in the garden. That’s why we suggest you visit Šapat during the day in spring time, or in the afternoon during summer. You’ll feel comfortable soaking up the sun outside and walking around the vineyard.

Wine, food and vineyard experience

As for the experience – we were served rakija and bacon wraped dry plums upon arrival. We didn’t go through the menu for our order. We left the choice of our food to the waiter, together with wine pairing. You’ll see a cute wine survey in front of you where you can rate each wine you tasted. This will help you remember which wine you liked best, so you can buy one when leaving.

For entree, we had salad and grilled halloumi cheese. After the entree, the waiter suggested we go and take a walk in the vineyard before the main dish was ready. The vineyard is beautiful and has a view on both sides of the hill. One is overlooking Vojvodina’s endless fields, other Danube. We experienced Šapat in spring time, so the crops were only starting to green, but made us very peaceful and relaxed.

For the main we had fish baked in parchment bag with vegetables. We enjoyed the wine, and the food was very tasty. On the others side: don’t expect to leave full out of the restaurant. Portions are very small.

How to get to Šapat Winery

Get on A1 highway to Novi Sad. Take the exit toward Beška (Beshka). After the exit, turn left and then left again toward Slankamenački vinogradi.

Useful information:

Working hours: Thursday to Sunday, 12h to 21h

Reservations are not necessary, but desirable.

Phone number: +381 69 607 698

Website: www.sapat.rs

They accept credit cards.

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