Looking from the outside, this place is not a killer. It stands on the street, in a really quiet part of Hilandarska, number 32 (which is a beautiful street, just to mention). But once you open the menu, you realize that you’ve made the right decision coming here.

Viands they use in their menu are simply of good quality and delicatessen. Prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, black olives – all combined to make your senses go crazy. The menu is interesting, with interviews and comments from various famous people who like to come here, and also very informative, letting you know what you can expect with each dish.

The menu has everything a real Italian restaurant should – antipasti, cheese plates, pasta, pizza, classic Italian dishes like steak with mint sauce.

The taste of the food itself doesn’t need to be explained much – there is everything for everyone, from light versions of food with only vegetables and cheese to those that are strong, with bacon and prosciutto. Browse trough the menu and you’ll find something for yourself.

Location of the place is really nice and quite, yet really close to the biggest and most crowded city streets.

Find out more about them here: www.pomodoro.rs