Imagine perfect summer evening. Sun is setting down in the west, sky is dyed in shades of pink and orange, and you’re holding a glass of your favorite wine.

Where would you be sitting? If you ask us, we’d choose Podrum wine bar in Višnjićeva 7. White floor, white tables and chairs match with olive trees and lavender flowerpots. You are on the roof and above the city streets, so the golden sun rays can easily approach you and make you feel warm.

Podrum is, of course, specialized in wines, so you can choose between Serbian, Italian, French, German, Australian and wines from many other regions. We suggest you try some of the wide range of Serbian wines – especially Tamnjanika, because it goes perfect with the scenery. 🙂

If you are hungry, try domestic prosciutto, plate of cheese or bruschetti.

Make sure you reserve your place if you plan on coming after 9pm.

Podrum wine bar, Višnjićeva 7 by Belgrade CAT