Papalada is a newly-opened fish and seafood restaurant, located in Francuska Street, around 100 meters away from the Republic Square when going towards Dušanova Street. Due to its short presence at the Belgrade restaurant sky, it hasn’t attracted that many guests so far, but that’s about to change very soon. Find out why – first by reading this text, and then by visiting the place!

When entering Papalada, you are firstly welcomed by extremely friendly and polite waiters, offering a table in smoking or non-smoking area, depending on your habits. Once you occupy your table, you’ll begin to observe the interior – brick walls and pictures on the walls are in line with the finest restaurants, not just those in Belgrade.

But that’s all just a preparation, a warm-up, for the main asset – food.

Food is amazing at Papalada.

As a starter, you receive fish pasty (made of different fish, not beforehand determined – as it depends on the catch) and nice, thin bread. Some would hold it enough for the whole meal, but the best is yet to come.

Papalada has a huge offer of high quality sea products. All the food is fresh as it is delivered on daily basis from the Adriatic Sea. Top-class fish (sea buss, bream etc.), squid, shrimps, cuttlefish, all of that prepared in different ways (either as a “typical” meal, or, for example, as risotto or pasta). There’s something for everybody’s taste.

A nice offer of domestic, high quality, wine completes the attraction of this wonderful restaurant.

Papalada is a place we’ll definitely return to. Maybe we’ll see you there!