Serbia has this special kind of fuss when it comes to the New Year’s Eve. It starts somewhere in November (when school/university starting fuss is over and everybody is back on track with their regular activities) with a very well known question: Gde ćeš za Novu Godinu? meaning, Where are you gonna go for the New Year’s Eve? This is one of the three famous Serbian questions, and the other two are in connection with 1st May and summer vacation. You practically have to have an answer for these. If you don’t, you’re mental. Or you’re cool, cause you’re brave enough to say you don’t give a sh*t.

Many tourists come to Belgrade each year just to celebratethe New Year’s Eve, which is the first good indicator that there must be something right and interesting going on here. We believe the reason must be the people, who get really good at planning and organizing when it comes to partying. And this party is the major party of the year!

Depending on the music you like and how you like to party, you’ll have various options for celebrating NYE in Belgrade. Here’s a list of what you can do.

Bar parties

Some of the NYE celebrations are organized in bars or cafes that don’t hold parties on regular basis, but this time they make a deal with a DJ or a band. They usually charge a certain amount of money for your entrance ticket, and drinks are at the regular price.

Dance & Electronic music events

These are usually held in grand halls or places like Belgrade Arena, Expo Center or Belgrade Fair. This year’s major dance NYE will be in Depo Magacin, and some of the musicians are Kamran Sadeghi, Marko Nastić, Dejan Milićević… Great if you like partying like a pro!

Kafana or Restaurant NYE Dinners

We haven’t tried this option yet since it is for older ladies and gents. Restaurants organize live (usually folk) music, you’ll see people dressed up, food and drinks are included in the price of entrance, so it can be pretty nice. Famous tourist street Skadarlija is full of restaurants that make these kind of celebrations.

All Inclusive Club Parties

Just like those dance events we’ve mentioned, these are organized in large clubs and many people can attend. On the other hand, you can expect local musicians and a lot of high school or college students being dressed up and in the mood. Good option if you want to drink all night and remember nothing tomorrow.

Open Party in City Center

Party organized so that a middle class citizens, who like listening to local trash music, enjoy themselves. This year, other than Lepa Brena and Tropiko band, Belgraders will enjoy music of famous Steven Seagal and his band. This only means you can expect anything in Belgrade. 😀

Home Parties

Our warmest recommendations go to the last option – and that is finding a group of people that will be kind enough to greet you in their homes to their NYE parties. Afterwards you can just go to the city together and mingle around all the party places.