1. People rushing to work and crowded buses, trams and trolleybuses. Skip public transportation if you can. Walk.

The mystery no one can solve in Belgrade is: Where do all the all 75+ people go early in the morning? Why don’t they sleep? Do they have some seriously important business they have to finish from 7 to 9 AM, during the worst traffic hour in Belgrade, that can’t be finished when there’s no crowd in public transportation? Probably we’ll never know the answer to this puzzle.





2. Freshly baked pastry aroma coming out of the bakeries.

Burek, fresh and soft rolls, pretzels, croissants, many different sorts of bread, because here we like eating a lot of bread and any kinds of dough. While in Belgrade you surely won’t miss your breakfast. So Belgrade will make you even healthier, right? 🙂

We recommend you try a simple breakfast: pretzel with a cup of yoghurt! Combination of softness and sweetness of a pretzel spattered with salt and sourness of yoghurt will make a combination to love!




3. Empty kafanas and sleepy birds. 

Empty kafana, is it possible? Oh yes it is. What could you expect? It’s too early for rakija… or is it?




4. Calm and quiet streets.

If you don’t take the main street to your work, you can surly have a relaxing walk with a little cars and opportunity to enjoy in the morning breeze. Check out the old shop windows, old houses, gardens, watch people with their dogs walking around, smell the scent of autumn.



5. All sorts of interesting things.





6. Grannies going to the market to shop for today’s lunch.

You’ll see a lot of this rolling bags around Belgrade. Because, well, grannies have a lot of grand children, and there’s a lot of things they need to buy for lunch. They also buy flowers to make their houses beautiful.



7. Belgrade markets  being very much alive.

People selling and people buying fruits, vegetables, flowers or other supplies, everybody looking for the best price.



What’s your Belgrade morning experience? Share your thoughts in comments!