Mala Fabrika Ukusa, meaning “Little Flavour Factory” was on our top 3 list of the best restaurants in Belgrade, and having the opportunity to visit it has given us great satisfaction. Created with an idea of mixture between Serbian traditional home made comfort food and innovative and modern cuisine ways, Mala Fabrika offers genuine pleasure and definitely has to be on your list when visiting Belgrade, especially if you enjoy gastronomic thrills.

Located near the busiest part of the city, very well known traffic hell Autokomanda, it reveals a part of Vračar where this peaceful garden oasis under trees makes you feel like you’re in a village far away from the city buzz. A large garden and wide terrace space give you a feeling of freedom and class, while the inside it is a cozy and worm place where you’d wish to bring your loved ones.

As of food, the menu is very dappled: a part of it is authentically Serbian, with very well known ćevapi with MFU twist, but some special dishes that many of the locals had opportunity to try only at their grandmother’s, like pork knuckles on pickled cabage; the other part of the menu, called “Imagination”, is very modern and creative: chicken file with pear and parsley sauce, or beef steak with white wine and truffles.

Wines are domestic and carefully picked in order to accompany your chosen meal.

Address: Nebojšina 49a