Makedonska is one of the central Belgrade streets, a true lifeline of the city. It goes from Trg Republike to the building of Politika. It is not long, but the traffic is very dense and many city transport vehicles go here within their routes.

In the past, Makedonska was the home of many traditional kafanas. The street is even named after Macedonian restaurant owners who held taverns around the street. Many generations of Belgrade citizens spent nights and nights enjoying live music and wine here. Unfortunately, only one of them is still open (actually, it reopened several years ago) – its name is Zora at it is located at the beginning of the street, close to Trg Republike.

Three legendary kafanas, so called “Bermuda triangle”, were located in Makedonska: Grmeč, Šumatovac and Pod Lipom. Šumatovac was famous after its beer garden. Grmeč didn’t have a garden, but attracted customers because of the amazing food, large portions and strong rakija – people from all neighborhoods came to Makedonska 34 to eat and drink. The legend says that Belgrade’s bohemians didn’t mind the street between Šumatovac and Pod Lipom – they had had drinks in both restaurants, crossing the street occasionally, so that they don’t miss any of the fun on the both sides. Unfortunately, its existence lives only in memories of older Belgraders. The citizens metaphorically say that the “Bermuda triangle sucked itself in.”

Makedonska street is usually recognized as a street where Politika’s located. Politika is the oldest and the most prestigious daily newspaper in Serbia, established 1904. Its first time on the streets of Belgrade was at 14pm, january 25th 1904.

Dom Omladine is a legendary cultural place also located here. It exists for more than 50 years and it has been a gathering place of kids who wanted a bit of culture, quality music and movies.  During summer, they have a stage in front of the building and small concerts are held there. Check their schedule and don’t miss anything while in Belgrade.

There’s also a cool record store Metropolis, and there aren’t many of them still working. It has a beer garden on the street, so maybe you could catch the newest albums while having a drink there!