Every time a person from Serbia comes back from a trip to Western Europe, one of the strongest impression he or she brings back home (besides much higher prices and less beautiful women) is – recycling! This phenomenon, totally common in Europe, is virtually unknown to Serbs.

In Belgrade, there are very few possibilities for a person wishing to recycle, and they are in general divided into two basic options.

Recycle Islands

The first possibility is to dispose your recyclable waste at one out of a total of 39 places (“recycle islands”) especially dedicated to this purpose. These places are actually completes of three containers – for paper, PET and MET packages. This is a Google Maps link to locations of all the “recycle islands” in Belgrade. You will notice that they spread all around the city, but many people would have to walk a bit longer in order to reach such containers. It would be nice if their number would increase in the future.

The Eco-Bag Action

The second option is the following: all of the 10 central city districts have initiated a nice practice – every household can once a week leave the plastic garbage in a bag (provided by the district) in front of its residential building, and garbage collectors will come and pick it up. The benefit of this type of recycling is that you get 20% off of your Infostan bill.

Every district envisaged a special day in the week for this activity – timetable is the following:

Monday: Novi Beograd
Tuesday: Zemun
Wednesday: Cukarica
Thursday: Savski venac and Rakovica
Friday: Vracar and Zvezdara
Saturday: Stari grad and Palilula
Sunday: Vozdovac

These are the phone numbers where you can apply for this action, and get info about where you can pick up your eco-bags: 0800 110 011 or 30-90-007.

Alternative methods

Many people and companies practice recycling. When hanging out in the park, especially in the evenings when a lot of beer is consumed, you will most likely spot people looking around for cans. They can sell the cans to a company which business operation is to recycle that material. Furthermore, if you have quite a large amount of paper, there are companies willing to come and collect it. This is however unsuitable for households or even companies, since at least several thousand pieces of paper would have to be collected in order for a company coming and picking them up.

 Belgrade is also provided with 43 “bells” (large containers with the shape of a bell) for disposal of glass. These containers are located at 29 different location throughout the city, including Trg Republike, Terazije and Kalenić.

It would be very nice if more individuals, companies and organizations started to show interest in recycling. It could not just be a source of profit, but also a great boost for environment and welfare of all living beings.

We hope this small guide is useful to our readers!