Any special occasion that needs to be celebrated soon in your life? Belgrade might not seem like a fine dining city, but other than having its cool, rough, party side, there are places that will satisfy the toughest critic. Check out our list below!

The Square

Square Nine is a luxurious five star hotel in Belgrade city center. It’s one of the first special high end hotels we’ve seen in the city, and it’s looking wonderful. Like those fancy Instagram places you follow!

This season they’re going back to traditional dishes, just making them shine with full glam – Wiener Schnitzel and Reform cake are on the menu. If you’re more of a classic fine-dine person, then there’s Wellington Stake with truffles.

Square Nine Fine Dining



One of the old school fine dining places in Belgrade and a place where the artists, actors, and other Belgrade’s important people will often be seen. It has the most wonderful garden that’s open when the weather is appropriate, and it looks just like the movies, with shining lanterns and white tablecloths.

Madera Fine Dining


Even the New York Times wrote about Homa, describing it as “white haute-cuisine temple with soaring glass windows and a pleasant patio”. Guys that created this place don’t lack taste in interior design nor in how to make the food out of this world. When you see their plates you’ll be like “Seriously? Is this food or a piece of art?”


Prime Restaurant

This place is a part of Belgrade’s Crowne Plaza hotel, located in New Belgrade. It resembles those fine restaurants you see in movies in New York City, and it has an amazing energy. Menu of the season: Eat Serbian Well.

Prime Restaurant


Papalada has a huge offer of high quality sea products. All the food is fresh as it is delivered on daily basis from the Adriatic Sea. Top-class fish (sea buss, bream etc.), squid, shrimps, cuttlefish, all of that prepared in different ways (either as a “typical” meal, or, for example, as risotto or pasta). There’s something for everybody’s taste.


Other than outstanding food, Enso’s list of wines and exquisite service (kudos to waiters who know everything about every dish and wine on the menu) made us have this relatively new restaurant on this list. This season on the menu:

Cannelloni stuffed with prawns and calamari served on a bed of smoked cauliflower purée and beurré blanc sauce.


Lorenzo & Kakalamba

This is one of our favorite restaurants in Belgrade, mostly because it was a first quality restaurants we went to at the beginning of our relationship (expecting some awww’s on your and now :)). They have the most eccentric interiors in the city – a true combo of Italian and Serbian kitsch, color screaming, gold everywhere, but with amazing feeling in general. We suggest you try chocolate sphere covered with hot chocolate at the moment of the serving – a real delight for all the senses.

Lorenzo i Kakalamba


Fine dining should be just like music, and that’s what this restaurant is all about – perfect harmony between melody and onstage performance.  We recommend their “Bel Canto” salmon salad.

Opera Fine Dining

Salon 5

This restaurant, located in Zemun, offers a unique dining experience – carefully designed interior of an apartment in the old part of the town. Their motto: Subtlety without arrogance, simplicity without modesty.