Belgrade’s cuisine is quite remarkable, and any host will be more than happy to guide you through the very well known menu: ćevapi, pljeskavica, sausages and barbecue specialities, but honestly, what’s there for vegetarians? Most of the fast food restaurants offer meat prepared in many ways, shapes or forms. If say you’re a vegetarian, and they’ll assume you’re suffering from some serous disease. 🙂

So it’s not hard to conclude falafel is still new when it comes to fast food restaurants in Belgrade. Many people still don’t know what falafel is, so here’s a brief explanation: Falafel is a Middle Eastern food, made from chickpeas, fried and served in pita bread. Falafel sandwich actually looks like an edible pocket filled with salads, hummus and falafel balls.

Hummus Bar Belgrade

Hummus Bar Belgrade

This restaurant is definitely first on the list when we recommend falafel in Belgrade. Always fresh and in large portions, falafel here is crispy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. What we love most are hummus, tahini and variety of fresh salads that blend perfectly.  If you come at the right time of the day you can watch them bake pita bread in large chimney oven.

Price: 200-300 RSD

Address: Beogradska 66, next to Law Faculty.

Working Hours: 00-24, Sundays 08-24



Tel Aviv Falafel Belgrade


This place may not look as modern as Hummus Bar, but they do serve great falafel, and give you the choice of fresh chopped onions for your sandwich which can make it taste a bit more Serbian. It’s next to Kalenić market and a small park, so you can enjoy your meal on a bench outside. You can also find them at two locations in city center, close to Knez Mihailova (addresses bellow).

Price: 180-290 RSD

Addresses:  Carice Milice 3, Nušićeva 8 and Kičevska 21

Working Hours: 00-24