On 1 November 2018, Belgrade celebrated a 100-year anniversary of one of the most important events in the history of the city – liberation in the First World War. This anniversary, as well as the worldwide celebration of a century of the end of the Great War, was a motive for a number of events organized in order to remember the heroism, struggle and suffering of the Kingdom of Serbia and our ancestors in this painful period.

We visited an exhibition titled “Liberation of Belgrade in the First World War”. The exhibition is organized in the Gallery of Historic Archive of Belgrade. In several hundreds of documents, pictures, letters, visitors are introduced to the painful yet proud odyssey of Belgrade and Serbian people in the First World War.

The exhibition is composed of six units: 1) Belgrade in the First World War; 2) Destruction of the City; 3) From Thessaloniki to Belgrade; 4) In a Free city; 5) Moving Towards the capital of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians; and 6) Memories, Accolades, Medals.

Each part is full of photos and testimonies. Documents representing the situation during the first days of occupation. Lists of available groceries to share in periods of hunger and everyday life situations. Pictures of children waiting for their fathers to come home from the front. Timetable of celebration events in the liberated city. One can indeed feel the tragedy of these events.

We recommend visiting this interesting and important exhibition which will remain available until the end of November. The venue is the Gallery of Historic Archives of Belgrade, Palmira Toljatija 1, and working hours are 10-17h, from Tuesday to Saturday.


Exhibition "Liberation of Belgrade in the First World War"