We’ve visited the newly opened wine and tapas bar in Resavska Street, the beautiful Epigenia.

Epigenia is named after a natural phenomenon that occurs at river Toplica (southern Serbia). At one point, Toplica’s riverbed changes it’s flow, makes a circle and almost starts to flow upstream. They say that this phenomenon is unique in Europe.

Maybe because of the phenomenons and beauty of that region, or maybe because of the expertise and years of experience of the Toplica winery, the homemade wine in Epigenia is of very good quality. We loved the fact that you get free tapas (spanish for snacks) with each glass of wine – they really want you to enjoy every sip. And these tapas, just like anything they serve – are pretty delicious!

The olives you’ll see in the backyard are 300-500 years old, and they were transported all the way from Spain so that Epigenia’s guests would enjoy their time here and feel like they are somewhere in the south of Spain. (we haven’t been to Southern Spain yet, but we assume it would be this pretty 🙂

Don’t forget to ask to see their wine cellar. They will be more than happy to organize a wine tasting for you and your family or friends for a special event, such as your birthday.