When we first posted a text about Top 10 Serbian Food Restaurants in Belgrade, we received many comments from Durmitor admirers that we made a gigantic mistake not including them on the list. That’s why we decided we had to pay it a visit and see what’s the magic of this place.

Durmitor is one of the rare famous restaurants on New Belgrade. This part of the city still hasn’t become a place where you’d have a nice, popular and busy restaurant (if we don’t take Zemun and river restaurants into account). It is located near a very busy street, right where you wouldn’t really expect a fine-dine restaurant to be located; it has a wonderful large garden that requires a reservation of at least a couple of days in advance, and it has a floor inside, for those with less luck with reservations.

The interior isn’t very romantic, or chic, or overly traditional. But you’ll forget about the interior when the food arrives. Portions are gigantic, very caloric, and the menu mostly contains meat dishes. While we were having our dinner, table next to us was taken by a group of guys who brought their tourist friend, in order to show him what true Serbian feast looks&tastes like. We guess they made a right choice with Durmitor!