Coffee Fest Belgrade is definitely the best way to start autumn 2015! Every coffee lover knows the feeling of spending rainy autumn days with a good book and a cup of coffee. Provide yourself with supplies for these moments at Ušće, 25 and 26 September, try new flavours and learn bunch of new things about your favourite drink!

You will see new, alternative ways of preparing coffee, novelties in the world of coffee flavours like almond, nuts, chocolate, vanilla in traditional coffee. Indian and Indonesian Embassies will attend the festival and present their famous coffee and tea countries.

The organization of the festival announces that espresso will be in the center of attention, together with latte art drawings and coffee foam figures, prepared by the best baristas out there.

Festival is open Friday, 25 September from 2pm to 8pm, and Saturday 26 September from 10am to 8pm. Ticket is 150 RSD, and it gives you the chance to try coffee!