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    Horse Stables & Riding Centers in Belgrade

    It’s always a good idea to reconnect with nature. Good news is that Serbia is all about beautiful nature, and Belgrade is, other than being very metropolitan, a city that offers variety of places that can make you feel relaxed and reborn. We’re not talking only about villages, woods, rivers or lakes, we’re talking about gracious animals – horses.

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    Ultimate Belgrade Summer Guide

    Your to do list while travelling to Belgrade in summertime can be almost limitless. Sometimes we feel like only summer of double length can be enough to drink every coffee, every glass of wine, to soak every sun ray, visit every party. This is why you need to be precise about what you want out of summer in Belgrade.

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    BELGRADE DAYS • 16 – 19 April 2015

    “Belgrade Days” will be traditionally held during 16-19 of April. These dates were not chosen accidentally: On April 16 878, Belgrade was mentioned for the first time in a written document, and on April 19 1867 the keys of the city of Belgrade were handed to Prince Mihailo Obrenović by a Turkish pasha, and this event symbolically meant freedom for Belgrade. Both citizens and tourists in Belgrade will have the opportunity to enjoy in 40 different cultural, historical and music programs free of charge. April is the most beautiful month in Belgrade, and the City wanted to inspire everybody to use their time to go out, enjoy and appreciate beautiful weather and nature waking up.

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    Serbia in the Heart of a Czech

    The exhibition is titled “Serbia in the Heart of a Czech. Vladislav Titelbach (1847-1925) and his Time”, and it represents the work of an artist, Vladislav Titelbach, Czech by birth, who dedicated his professional work to Serbia. After finishing schools in his homeland, he moved to Serbian lands – first to Novi Sad (then still a part of Austria) and then to the Kingdom of Serbia.

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    A Day in Belgrade Time-Lapse

    Serbian photographer Dušan Stojančević filmed this beautiful time-lapse of Belgrade that got featured on National Geographic website couple of days ago. It took him 60 days, 20 000 photos, and almost 500 gb of photographic material to make this piece of art. Enjoy the video!     Check out other Dušan’s work here:

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    Belgrade Nightlife – Ultimate Guide

    Belgrade nightlife is possibly the best-known fact and the first thing that crosses foreigner’s mind when talking about Belgrade. There is a good enough reason why Belgrade nightlife is considered a Balkan’s Ibiza. Apart from a variety of places you can go out to, rakija as a traditional drink that could help you show your best …

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