True Belgrade

True Belgrade

Kralja Petra Street – The Symbol of 19th Century Belgrade

Kralja Petra Street is indeed a symbol of Belgrade’s 19th century. Walking, taking pictures and thinking about ideas for writing about the street are really moments to enjoy. It is named after King Petar I Karadjordjevic, Serbian king from 1903 until his death in 1921, one of the most important and also most beloved monarchs in the Serbian history, who ruled in very tough but proud times of Balkan Wars and World War I.

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Balkanska Street – Belgrade’s Bridge Between the Old and the New

Balkanska Street is a bridge of Belgrade. Not a bridge over a river, but a bridge that connects old architecture with new looks, bus and railway station with Terazije, history with future. Elder citizens used to say that this street is “first, thorny facing of a newcomer with the metropolis of Belgrade.” Just like a person who travelled from Europe to America first saw the Statue of Liberty in New York, Balkanska Street was the first sight of those who took off the train in Belgrade and went on seeking a better life in the Capital.

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