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Fine Dining in Belgrade

Enso Fine Dining

Any special occasion that needs to be celebrated soon in your life? Belgrade might not seem like a fine dining city, but other than having its cool, rough, party side, there are places that will satisfy the toughest critic. Check out our list below! The Square Square Nine is a luxurious five star hotel in …

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Vegan in Belgrade


You’re a vegan in Belgrade? Or you fast in order to comply with the rules of the Orthodox calendar? Having specific eating habits in Belgrade can make you hungry. Worldwide trends of going vegan are luckily starting to see its ways in Belgrade, and we have made a selection of places that have vegan options. …

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Balkanska Street – Belgrade’s Bridge Between the Old and the New

balkanska street

Balkanska Street is a bridge of Belgrade. Not a bridge over a river, but a bridge that connects old architecture with new looks, bus and railway station with Terazije, history with future. Elder citizens used to say that this street is “first, thorny facing of a newcomer with the metropolis of Belgrade.” Just like a person who travelled from Europe to America first saw the Statue of Liberty in New York, Balkanska Street was the first sight of those who took off the train in Belgrade and went on seeking a better life in the Capital.

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Top Ten Pizza Places in Belgrade

pizza belgrade

This is our Belgrade pizza-list, based on personal experience, our friend’s recommendations and what the social media said. The key point of the list is that you won’t regret going to any of this places – you can use it as a to-do list for Saturday nights, and come up with your own top five pizza places in Belgrade.

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Ethnographic Museum Belgrade


The Ethnographic Museum is located at Studentski Trg, and it represents one of the biggest and most important museums in Belgrade. It is indeed a must-visit location for all wanting to learn about ethnic characteristics, history and rituals of the Serbian nation.

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