Belgrade nightlife is possibly the best-known fact and the first thing that crosses foreigner’s mind when talking about Belgrade. There is a good enough reason why Belgrade nightlife is considered a Balkan’s Ibiza. Apart from a variety of places you can go out to, rakija as a traditional drink that could help you show your best dance moves, we’re sure the most important element of every night out here in Belgrade are simply, the people, your hosts.

Belgrade nightlife hosts will always give their best to take you everywhere, from cafe in the noon, to beerhouse in the evening, and then kafana or a club at night. They will make sure that you taste rakija made of plum, apricot, quince, grape, honey, they will like to see whether you are Jelen or Lav beer person, and all of a sudden you’ll see them dancing on the table. The music can be anything from folk and dance to rock!

Serbian people will definitely be the best hosts you will ever have in your life, and Belgrade nighlife will always bring out adventures that you will remember for the rest of your life.

But what about places you can go out to? We suggest you try all of these on our list and find what suits you best.

1. Old-school kafanas

Checkered red and white tablecloths and old-fashioned and acoustic folk music bands are two good signs you are going to have fun tonight. These sort of places do look a bit old and not-so-fancy but they offer cheap drinks and a good time for those who need friends and booze only to have fun.

This is also a pre-drinking option when you’re going to a club afterwards, but can be a whole night out place if you end up liking the atmosphere. People usually go out to these kafanas at about 9pm, and the atmosphere gets hot at about 11pm.

Our suggestions: Gradimir, Jazbina, Korčagin, Sitni Sati.


2. Fancy kafanas

This is something between a traditional kafana and a club. There are still red and white tablecloths but the music is louder, band is not acoustic, and people are a bit more dressed-up, drinks are also more expensive.

The atmosphere here gets very hot and the music is playing loud until the morning.

Our suggestions: Gaučosi, Ko To Tamo Peva, Ona Moja.

3. Rafts and Clubs

Rafts (barges) are opened during summer and closed when the weather is cold, and the reason is that they are on Belgrade rivers Sava and Dunav. For tourists, rafts are a true attraction and usually everyone wants to experience night out on a raft. It’s like a regular club, but on the river.

There are rafts for different music tastes, so you can find places with everything from R’n’B to Turbo-Folk. Clubs are winter version of rafts. Fun starts after midnight, there’s either a band or a DJ. Those who like clubbing should definitely experience it Serbian way!

Our suggestions

Rafts: Freestyler, Sound, River, Dragstor Play.

Clubs: Plastic, Kasina, Time Out, Cinema.

4. Alternative places

Indie, rock, jazz, funk, dance and all kinds of cool music is played here. Want to dance the night out without having to dress-up and put on make-up? Choose any of these places.

Our suggestions: Peron Savamala, Povetarac, Bitef, Šlep, Čorba.

Belgrade Nightlife

Peron Savamala