Each year, Faculty of Organizational Sciences hosts an international case study competition and invites 12 teams from the world’s best business schools to Belgrade, called BBICC.

Other than being very important in the matter of academic development of our University and benefits that students gain from this experience professionally, the city itself has the opportunity to present its charms and attract youth to visit it again after leaving BBICC.

That is why Organizing Committee of BBICC devotes to arranging the best tour around Belgrade for our guests. They call it “Amazing Race“, and it is conceived as a contest between 12 teams, each team including students from different schools and countries.

Starting point is St Sava’s Temple, and they all finish at Belgrade Fortress, but paths for each team were different and contained alluring tasks, such as burek tasting or ordering shots of rakija, but it included some questions that made them explore and learn a bit more about Belgrade and Serbian history.

Here’s one of the Amazing Race’s routes! Maybe it inspires you while in Belgrade to try and collect all the answers!

1. St. Sava’s Temple
This will be your starting point.

2. Your first task is to find Belgrade’s biggest and best known traffic roundabout. Pay attention to the monument in its center – you will need that guy’s name!

3. There was a man – one of the most important scientists and inventors in the world, and surely best known Serb worldwide in history. We’d never be able to watch TV, use Wi-Fi, or even do the laundry if it hadn’t been him. You can see that man on 100 RSD banknote. Who is he? Find his museum!

4. Your task is to find the office of the President of Serbia, because right next to it there’s a monument to the only Yugoslav who won a Nobel laureate. What you should do there is to find out his name and what was the prize for.

5. You are now looking for Belgrade’s central square called Terazije. Your tasks: to find out which three hotels surround it, as well as the meaning of the word “terazije” itself.

6. “Knez Mihailova” – biggest and most famous pedestrian zone, favorite promenade of old and young Belgradians. Approximately somewhere in its middle there’s a fountain, and near of it is placed a little pyramidin the name of celebrating science, representing our city’s exact location on Earth. Find and remember (or write down) Belgrade’s coordinates, altitude and gravitational acceleration, and you’re ready to move on!

7. You are now looking for a church. The Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel, commonly known as just “Saborna crkva”, is a Serb Orthodox Christian church in the city centre. It is one of the most important places of worship, and Patriarchate of the Serbian Orthodox Church is just across the street.
Two well known Serbs are buried in front of that church – can you find out their names and why are they important?

8. Your next stop is Kalemegdan. Try to find a monument that symbolises a friendship between two countries!

9. Built on the site of a miraculous spring, this is one the two churches located in Kalemegdan (the other one is Crkva ružica – Little Rose Church, and it’s right above the one you’re looking for). Find out its name and feel free to sip some water from the spring.

Try BBICC’s game and tell us your score in comments! 🙂

Photo Credits: Monika Pavlovic Photography