If not rainy, autumn can be one of the coziest times of the year in Belgrade. It surprises us each year how the  atmosphere invites you to spend more and more time outdoors, in parks, on the streets, drinking coffee with your friends. Soft the sun rays days make everything look so idyllic.

We’ll let the photographs talk and guide you from Belgrade’s neighbourhood Dorćol to Kalemegdan. Then we’ll show you the breathtaking sunset that we caught while standing on Belgrade’s Fortress in Belgrade.



Autumn, we definitely saw your true colors: golden-green and Ajvar paprika red.



We’ve met new friends also! They’ve been wondering if photographs are going to be published in any of the famous newspapers. I told them they are going to be somewhere better than the newspapers 🙂



Bajloni market, located just under the famous Skadarlija street; hop by and feel the atmosphere!


Don’t forget to grab some freshly baked chestnuts in Knez Mihailova street.

Belgrade is not one of those cities where you’ll be freezing in october, but you certanly can expect weather to change quickly, so while visiting Belgrade at this period of year, make sure you have something warm with yourself.


And here’s the photo. The moment here on the Kalemegdan fortress was so magical that I took this photo only, and then I’ve left my camera in the bag, so that I could just enjoy the moment.

Have you been in Belgrade during autumn? Share your experience in comments.