We created this web site in order to share some of our views and experiences towards Belgrade with people all around the world, and we really do hope that we might influence some of you to visit Belgrade. Due to that, we thought it might be useful to help you, not just with writing and photographing interesting places to visit, but also with your first hour or so in Belgrade.

We assume you will come by plane.

Therefore, you will land at Nikola Tesla airport, Belgrade airport named after the legendary Serbian scientist. After several administrative procedures, you will be free as a bird. But, you will find yourself 15 km from center of Belgrade. How to reach it? Here are several options, ranked from the most comfortable to the cheapest.

1) Taxi. There are unique fees for a ride from the airport to certain locations in the city. They amount between 10 and 20 euro. However, there are many fake taxi drivers, so be careful and only enter taxis with proper signs, like on our picture – with a number in the corner. The number usually has three digits.


2) Minibus A1. This line goes from the airport, via bus and railway station, until Slavija square. It costs 300 dinars (around 2,5 euro). There might be a problem with your luggage as there is no specific place for it, but (unless you carry like 5 huge bags) you should be fine. A1 usually goes every 20 minutes.

3) Bus 72. This is a regular bus line, which usually goes every half an hour. The ticket costs 150 dinars (around 1,2 euro). It goes until Zeleni venac, a greenmarket in the very center of Belgrade.

The profitability of the final two options can vary, depending on where did you book your accommodation. And, if you have a problem with finding a place to stay in Belgrade, or you just want an opinion, you can feel free to contact us via our e-mail address. cat@belgradecat.com